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From the original concept and the casting, through to the filming and post-production, emotional stories have always been our great passion! At our locations in Munich, Cologne and Vienna, we produce enthralling docu-soaps, entertaining TV shows and modern documentaries. We inspire our viewers with technically sound infotainment and an innovative visual concept.


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DOCMA TV Produktion GmbH produces nearly 100 hours of programs every year for private and public-service broadcasting stations. Conscientious research, adherence to strict quality standards, a high level of flexibility and absolute reliability characterize the many years of cooperation with our clients. Over the years, the company has acquired a core competence in the field of „animals and nature“ and, since 2001, has produced for example more than 600 episodes of the weekly pet magazine „hundkatzemaus“ (VOX) and over 180 episodes of the docu-soap „Wildes Wohnzimmer“ (VOX). Programs have also been produced in over 50 countries around the world for SWR („Elstners Reisen“), ZDF („Wunderbare Welt“), ProSieben („Abenteuer Hund“) and VOX („tierzeit“). More recently, we have also covered other topics that were filmed with the same passion and emotion.

We have a team of over 50 permanent employees and free-lancers to ensure, through their dedication and commitment, that the production work runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Our staff are constantly out on the road in Germany and around the world to capture the most attractive pictures and to film the most emotional stories. It all adds up to modern TV entertainment, technically sound infotainment and innovative visual language – and for that we need a strong team.

Top entertainment! With passion, courage and a wealth of experience, DOCMA TV produces primarily docu-soaps, TV shows and documentaries as well as clips and features. Our customers, including the big private stations in Germany, also appreciate the high quality, love of detail and perseverance that go into the innovative long-term projects we produce in many parts of central Europe.

DOCMA TV Produktion GmbH was founded in 2007, based on the former DOC TV Produktion GmbH and other production companies for which the present managing directors worked for many years.

.who we are

Dr. Gerald Krakauer

Dr. Gerald Krakauer has been managing director of DOCMA TV Produktion GmbH since 2007. Born in Austria, he studied animal medicine at the Veterinary-Medical Faculty of Vienna University and was awarded his doctorate in 1979. After four years practicing as an assistant physician at animal clinics in the Hessen and Bavaria parts of Germany, he took up his journalistic career in 1984. He produced his first TV features for RTL, but also had a regular radio slot with Antenne Bayern for many years and wrote advice columns for Freizeit Revue. From 1986 to 1991, he moderated over 100 studio episodes of „Tier + Wir“ (Sat.1) and, in 1991, became a producer himself with the documentary series „Tagebuch einer Gänsemutter“ (ARD). These were followed by numerous series for Sat.1 („Teletip Tier“, „Sonntagstiere“), Bayerischer Rundfunk („WAU“, „Mein Freund“), ARD („Die Sendung mit der Maus“), and ProSieben („Tierisch Prominent“, „Abenteuer Hund“). From 2000 to 2007, he moderated the 3sat series, „Teletipps vom Tierarzt“.

Christian Ehrlich

Christian Ehrlich has been managing director of DOCMA TV Produktion GmbH since 2008. Having grown up on a farm, animals were always part of his life. Cats, small mammals and reptiles populated the playroom despite objections from the parents. In 1994 he began his journalistic career with the „Neue Westfälischen Zeitung“, initially as a free-lancer in the local section, and later as chief editor for youth features. After studying biology at the Westfälische Wilhelms University in Münster (majoring in behavioral biology), he worked as a PR journalist before taking up the position of chief editor of the technical journal „Rodentia“ in 2000. In parallel with this, he developed animal film programs for the NDR and moderated two pilot films for Premiere and ARD. Since 2004, he has been active as an author throughout the world for „tierzeit“ and „hundkatzemaus“ (VOX). In 2006, he became the producer of „Wildes Wohnzimmer“. In addition, he has written seven guides for animal lovers and has also worked as the editor on other specialist books.



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